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Sunday, October 28, 2018 @ Club Metronome

Doors: 10:00pm

18+ $15 ADV // $20 DOS // 21+ $15 ADV // $20 DOS



With a career spanning more than 2 decades the name Angel Moraes‘ has become synonymous with excellence, perfection and a true mastery of his various crafts. During the early 90s with his early productions such as “release yourself”, “heaven knows”, “the cure”, “I like it”, and the mind blowing “welcome to the factory” on his own “Hot n’ Spycy” imprint, Angel broke new ground and created a deep industrial sound in house music never before heard. That sound can now be heard at every corner of dance music today from tech-house to soulful house, the Moraes sound has inspired many of the well-known DJ/producers currently rocking dance floors worldwide.

Between that time and now there isn’t much Mr. Moraes hasn’t done. Having played every major city from Dubai, Bahrain, Athens, Naples, Zurich, Paris, Barcelona and Ibiza to Japan and the orient plus countless more, 140 cities in 38 countries and counting, Angel has had an opportunity to share his unique sound and Musical style with legions of adoring fans around the World.

A devote sound enthusiast, He was seduced and captivated from his first visits to the now legendary nightclubs of New York’s yesteryear by the monstrous sound systems in use at the time and set out on a journey to learn about physics and how sound re-enforcement works. The culmination of that journey ended up in Montreal, Quebec Canada in the form of the now infamous Stereo after-hours nightclub, the club was designed and built by Angel himself based on his experience at the Paradise Garage.
As if that were not enough Angel himself took all of his knowledge that he accumulated till that point and as a personal passion, he designed, built and installed the sound system himself. This act of joy resonated with people everywhere and everybody who’s anybody in dance music and club goers alike have come to partake in this one of a kind experience. Angel’s sound system at Stereo has been hailed as one of the great sound systems in modern clubbing history thanks to his passion and the inspiration from people like Richard Long, Larry Levan, Steve Dash and Brian Wilson.

Through all this Angel has given us so much in the form of productions and remixes, as well as unforgettable clubbing experiences. A slew of other club anthems that have left floors sizzling to that deep, dark, chunky Moraes rhythm. Tracks like “burnin’ up” and “to the rhythm”… like “welcome the the factory” these tunes were monsters in the NYC underground at the time.

There isn’t a dance music DJ who hasn’t played an Angel Moraes track at some point or another. In addition to these releases, he has also given us “funk train”, “tribal function”, “turn it up”, “naked music”, and “when the rain falls”, and more recently “magic carpet” as well as the timeless vocals in “music is your life”, “you’re love is all I need”, “you should’ve said”, “a family affair”, “Luv 2 Luv” and most recently a re-work of “to the rhythm2012”, “rise above the Game”, “Stay with me”, and the dubby, “I wish you were here”. These achievements would be enough for anyone in one lifetime. Not Angel. In recent years he created another legendary party Called “LOVE Sundays” a 12-hour outdoor festival like weekly event which operated every Sunday afternoon in Montreal’s old port from 2009 to 2012. That year after spending so much time in Montreal Angel decided it was time to go back to NY and find some new

Finally, there may be a new room with the Angel touch in Brooklyn, N.Y. which has everyone in NY in a frenzy with excitement at the thought. With a slew of new productions on the horizon this man is taking to another level yet again. To say the least, 2018 has some pretty cool things in the works, with new experiences and classic touches and a dance music philosophy, that is so needed today.



Manny Ward’s DJ career began 30 years ago while in the U.S. Air Force moonlighting as the resident DJ on the base where he was stationed. In 1989 he returned home to NYC and its thriving dance club scene. Manny shifted his career focus to the music industry and began attending audio engineering school. In 1991 Manny’s DJ career solidified when legendary house music DJ Frankie Knuckles discovered and began mentoring him. From 1992 through 1996, as Frankie’s protege, Manny opened for Frankie’s famed Friday night residency at “Sound Factory Bar“. A huge success, the club opened a second room and handed it over to Manny outright. Demand for Manny soared and he played the main rooms in other NYC clubs at “The Tunnel”, “The Palladium”, “Roxy’ and “Twilo” while working full time at NYC based record label and retail store “Eight Ball Records.”

Expanding outside of NYC, Manny has become an established world-wide tour de force, playing clubs across the country, North America, Europe, and Asia.

Aside from DJing, Manny has also developed a solid reputation as talented producer in his own right. As an apprentice at the illustrious Quad Studio’s, NYC, he gained experience at recording sessions with Mariah Carey, Cee Cee Peniston and Joi Cardwell. He has productions and remixes on Eightball Records “SISTER SISTER, FMC PROJECT, and MR FANTASY”, NERVOUS RECORDS, “FRANKIE SAY’S” – A Tribute to Frankie Knuckles, “SYNTHETIC” by Roxy And The Ride Committee, and soon to be released RESILIENCE w/ DJ Gomi feat SANDY B. SOUNDGROOVE RECORDINGS – “LET ME SEE YOU (TEK’D OUT)”, “NO FICTION” and TWISTED RECORDS, “BIG MOUTH” w Midnight Society, and “CRASH TRIBE” just to name a few.



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