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w/ The Edd and Casio Bastard

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Doors: 9:00pm

21+ $5


Aotearoa are funk-rock nomads.
They are perpetually touring.

They will soon be grooving the laces straight-out of your boogie shoes.

AOTEAROA (ˈæɒˌtɪəˌroːə)

1. “Aotearoa is the most widely known and accepted Māori name for New Zealand. The original derivation of Aotearoa is not known for certain. However, the word can be broken up as: ao = cloud, tea = white and roa = long, and it is therefore usually glossed as “the land of the long white cloud”.” -wikiwkikwi

2. Aotearoa (A-O-TAY-UH-ROW-UH), the two-man jungle-funk explosion have built their reputation on endless touring. Pointing the van Westward in 2010, the forty subsequent states and countless stages have have brought into the world their debut LP “STRANGE WEATHER.” Heralded by the band as an American ode to booty-sweat and a drunken eulogy to apathy, the songs are seasoned by the highway and only truly come alive in person.

The guitar / drum duo is comprised of multi-instrumentalists Jacob Lerman and Ilan Gitter who by way of sample free live-looping and a notoriously raucous live show have managed to take the familiar dance-rock form back to it’s long dormant animalistic roots.

(They will eat your worries.)

The Edd

The Edd is a group of four musicians based out of Burlington, VT. Over the past four years they been bringing some of the most unique “electronic space rock” to the Northeast, sharing the stage with acts such as Papadosio, Dopapod, and Consider the Source.

Their music is a combination of highly improvised sections, exploration of sound and extremely tight, often complexly structured, original songs. In crafting their music, they demonstrate mastery of unusual sounds, scales and time signatures giving them a distinct sound in the “jamband” scene. The result is nothing short of spectacular weird music that captures and moves audiences of all preferences. Live Shows are always high energy, a guaranteed good time and the best way to truly experience The Edd!

Casio Bastard

Casio Bastard is a Funk | Fusion | Space group that has been playing together for many years. Casio Bastard recently played at Cafe Campus in Montreal with Insigniya and Hamadryad. They have been featured at 2011′s Heavyfest at the Magic Hat Artifactory, Manifestivus & Rhino Fest. Casio Bastard has performed with a number of well established groups including The Budos Band, The Breakfast, Kung Fu, Heloise & The Savior Faire, Rustic Overtones, Waylon Speed, Japhy Ryder, Events Are Objects, Hamadryad and more.

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