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Cosmic Thursday ft. Cosmosis Jones

+ Gnomedad + HOBBZ

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Doors: 9:00pm

18+ $8 // 21+ $5

Cosmosis Jones

Birthed from the loins of a St. Michael’s residence hall, four piece livetronica ensemble Cosmosis Jones has evolved from raging all improv house party sets to establishing a tangible presence in the Burlington jam community with a growing catalogue of original music to match. What has served to set the band apart from the seemingly never ending onslaught of up and coming jambands is their willingness to truly break free from formulaic live structure and draw real-time inspiration from feel and emotion alone. This spontaneous motive leads to textured musical peaks and valleys that would impossible to plan for, making for a unique and exciting live set time in and time out.



From inside the beast of the belly

What the Gnomedad do: by Gnomedad

We make you think that you should immediately stop thinking so much by making interesting, unique, satisfying, groovey music that will spark your…interest…we want to make you believe you are floating in the astral realms of bliss.

Sonically Gnomedad is like a chameleon, we like to switch it up ohh so nice in our attempts to break you down to a groovey zombie dancing with the night demons because when you are a groovey zombie everyone is your friend! We want you to feel like someone handed you a fiery flaming staff of truth wisdom. Your dome will thank you.

We have a combination style of Hip hop (hippity hopitty) EDM (robot sex) metal (666) dub (rude boy) jazz (makes 0 sense) Gospel (we take you to church)Funk (freaky amounts of groove) and classical (swanky) not like we planned this out at some point this is an attempt to describe WHAT HAPPENS? We believe it is because we are all from drastically different musical backgrounds the likes of which have not been…combined; the alchemists of old applaud from the distant realms as we humans chase the legend of musical magical gold.

We a four headed beast so fresh, we are going to make you want to laugh, smile, groove all around, dance cheek to cheek, mosh (and twist), hoot/ holler, bump to the boom boom clack, hug everyone, hoe down rodeo luau, robo boogie, go off the hugest kicker in a toboggan down everst with a polar bear and 16 penguins yelling land hoe into a volcano of ice cream in Ecuador…Gnomedad takes the stage.


HOBBZ (Calvin Elmore) is an electronic/hip-hop/bass producer and DJ that brings everyone to the floor for a sexy dance party. HOBBZ is originally from Burlington, Vermont. He has been recently featured on mixes with Team Supreme and continues pushing his unique take on hip-hop and bass music. He maintains a high energy and incorporates guitar into his live sets. Come share your silliest/wildest dance moves with HOBBZ and contribute to the great times whenever you get the chance!

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