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Freeky Friday: A FREE Night of Bass Music

Featuring sets from Smarty Mcfly + Babou + Abstractivve + HOBBZ!

Friday, May 19, 2017

10:00pm to 2:00am

21+ FREE

Smarty McFly

A punk kid forged in the fires and mosh pits of 242 Main (rest in peace), Smarty McFly discovered electronic bass music when we he went away to college, and realized there was more to dancing than just slamming into each other. Although he still dresses like an emo kid, he loves DJing and producing bass-heavy beats and throwing wild parties. Expect a night of high-energy, genre-bending dance music – all he wants is to put a smile on your lips and a groove in your hips.


The man behind the legend…
Babou (aka Liam, the human tripod, the lucky lovebug, the lazy leopard) is an enigma, surrounded by intrigue, shrouded in mystery and sometimes covered in chocolate.

Apart from a big head and a laugh to make the sluttiest schoolgirl blush, Babou brings the dancefloor a warmth akin to pissing your pants. Combining tribal beats, brazen dancefloor grooves that make you wanna go “Yeah, baby! Spank me some more!”, and a willingness to whore himself out to whichever musical style will be in vogue next week, he is to crowd management what Gary Glitter is to child care.

Chaos ensues whenever Babou gets on the ones and twos.

He is a man who could draw a crowd going to the service station to get a pack of crisps. He enjoys a loyal underground following within Burlington of a sincerity and depth that most other DJs only enjoy with their coke dealers


Hello my name is Cory Roya, I’m a 23 year old DJ/Producer under the name Abstractivve. I DJ/Produce Dubstep, Trap and Riddim. I have DJed Radio Shows (88.3 FM Dog River Radio 109.5 FM Big Heavy World) Night Clubs/Venues ( The Venue, La Peurtra Neugra, The Skinny Pancake Montpelier, The Alley Cat, Radio Bean, Slidebrooke Lodge And Tavern, Club Metronome, Zen Lounge, Half Lounge Sweet Melissa’s, Side Bar,Higher Ground’s Showcase Lounge, Bungalow Bar & Grill) as well as Mini Local Festivals( Meet Me In The Field, Microfest, Rave Fam Fest, Bernie Man Fest, Ohana Fest, Haunted Hill Horror Fest)

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