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Joanna Teters w/ Vinegar Mother, Caleb Hawley

Friday, October 25, 2019

Doors: 7:00pm

18+ $10 ADV // DOS // 21+ $8 ADV // DOS

Joanna Teters

Joanna Teters is carving a place for herself in the hearts and minds of today’s music lovers with original, forward-thinking, new school soul music. Increasingly recognized for her ability to switch effortlessly from lush, deeply sultry tones to rugged reggae and blues, Teters’ serves her audiences with playful and energetic yet poised performances of both original compositions and covers. After many formative years in the mountains of upstate New York, she then went on to pursue her degree at Berklee College of Music where she began to develop her craft over the years as bandleader, songwriter, front woman for Mad Satta, Drew ofthe Drew, Lowtone Society, and SUNDUB, to name a few. When she is not touring in Europe or the US, she resides in Brooklyn, NY. In 2018 Teters released her debut solo record, the highly anticipated album “Warmer When It Rains,” a complication of songs that “offers a diverse and captivating selection of songs that tug your heartstrings and make you want to dance all at once” — and closely followed with the release of the hip-hop/soul influenced EP entitled “Back To Brooklyn.”

Vinegar Mother

Vinegar Mother is a Progressive Soul band based out of the East Coast – USA. Their new full-length debut, “PHASES” is available now. The 1st single “Moon Tomb” was released on March 30th. The band’s debut EP “The Sunny Seat” was released Nov. 2016.

Coming together in 2015, the lineup is comprised of Julia Zivic (vocals/lyrics), Itamar Gov-Ari (keyboard), Jason Zivic (drums), and Mike Roninson (bass). The band was heavily influenced by the authenticity and collaborative effort which yielded the music on PHASES .

“Not content to blur the lines between genres, Vinegar Mother go a step further and erase the lines entirely. Moon Tomb, taken from their debut full-length PHASES, is a law unto itself, a world where anything goes. There’s so much going on here that it will take you a couple of listens to soak it all in. With slick soulful vocals, tripped out psychedelic soundscapes, funky flourishes, jazzy piano, and even intricate math rock riffs, this wonderfully eclectic single hits you with everything in the band’s arsenal. It is one of those songs that seems to defy the laws of physics; you wonder how it’s possible to cram so much music into such a short space of time? With one of the most unique and diverse sounds I’ve heard in recent years, Vinegar Mother certainly has a lot to offer.” Belwood Music – James Fenny

Caleb Hawley

Caleb Hawley is a New York City based songwriter and performer.  In his decade long career, he has released five albums and played over 1000 shows.  Citing main influences such as Randy Newman and Janet Jackson, his songs often combine catchy melodies with dark and satirical lyrics.  Hawley’s music is elevated by stellar, out-of-the-box live performances, backed by a slew of reviews noting his onstage charisma.  He forms authentic connections with an air of openness, soulful singalongs and untethered guitar work drawing comparisons from Prince to Robin Williams.  His latest album “Sad People” was released April 26th, 2019.

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