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My Morning Jacket Aftershow Party ft. Bison

Nudist Co. + ackerman

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Doors: 10:00pm

18+ $5 ADV // $8 DOS // 21+ $5 ADV // $8 DOS


And they were there, before everyone else. Before the Euro trash. Before the farmers, the hunters, the peasants, the noblemen. Before the steel. Before the disease. Before the east indians. Maybe even before the west indians. Before the vikings. Before the forests were taken. Before the folly of man. They were everywhere. In the woods, the mountains, the prairies, the rivers, the swamps, the caves, the clouds, the geysers, and yes, the moon. They were there, before everyone else. And they were Bison.

Nutist Co.

Nudist Co. is a live 3-piece group that strives to create organic electronica through live instrumentation. Their sets are almost all entirely improvised, which allows them to travel through an array of genres including traces of deep house, techno, livetronica, and ambient styles. The chemistry between the members mixed with their ability to truly break free from any kind of musical barrier creates an energy that will have a room dancing all night long.


ackerman’s music is a journey–it is a meditation. Their recent album, The Orion Pact, saw musicians Jordan McAfee Hahn, Dominick Chang, Matti Dunietz and Bernardo Ochoa crammed into their Brooklyn basement, tinkering with acoustic and electronic sounds and discussing elements of the music until everything fit. It’s no surprise that a hallmark of their live shows is the very same exploration that lead to the creation of the album–when they play, it’s as if they are discovering the music for the first time.

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