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Pop-Up! Queer Vogue Party

Friday, August 28, 2015

Doors: 9:00pm

21+ $5 (FREE until 11pm!)

Pop-Up! A Queer Dance Party

A monthly queer dance party that will rotate in location – from venues to cool “rough” spaces – this is about dancing it out.

Hosted by producers DJ Llu and Chopper – Pop Up! – A Queer Dance Party is an event for the whole queer community and all our allied friends – we believe everyone should feel free to dance with who they wanna. Come dance and be merry.

Each month will feature new and upcoming DJs!

Why a Queer dance party?

“This is about showing up as queer as you want to be – dancing like no one or everyone is watching – and being in community with your fabulous fellow queers (and yes, allies too).”
– DJ Llu

“Knowing that you are in a decidedly queer space frees people to truly be their true self on the dance floor.”
– Chopper

Founded in 2012, the POP-UP! A Queer Dance Party concept is from co-producers Chopper & DJ Llu. Together, they believe that the Vermont queer community is in dire need of a decidedly queer dance party. Since the closure of 135 pearl five years ago, Vermont has sorely lacked a space for queer nightlife.

With a rotating cast of local DJs, playing a wide range of music, this dance party aims to grow from a monthly party dance party into a regular queer event production with Drag shows, burlesque, bingo, and more! Modeled off the growing “pop-up” business model, venues will range from unfinished spaces to established favorites.

Popping up around the Burlington area and beyond, chopper and dj llu want to gather the creativity of the queer community, celebrate the diversity of queer lives, and claim queer space.

QUEER: bold or daring; brave; original, unrestrained by existing ideas or conventions; uninhibited.

DANCE: to move rhythmically usually to music.

PARTY: a social gathering of invited guests.

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